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Updated: May 15, 2022

Posted on 2/26/2020

If you are in the surrounding areas of Beachwood, Hunting Valley, Gates Mill or Mayfield near Novelty, Ohio and looking for the perfect company to do business with and create a long-lasting business relationship, look no further! Koala Motorsports located just on the outskirts of Cleveland has your happiness and satisfaction in the front of their minds first and foremost. Their repair shop focuses on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini-Cooper and BMW which means they have a wide variety of knowledge specific to these brands making you feel much more confident in their abilities. Koala Motorsports aims to provide prompt service with quality communication throughout the entire process, so you are never surprised when it comes time to pick you vehicle back up and pay for services. While they can provide service to major and minor repairs, Koala Motorsports specializes in typical repairs such as brakes, suspension, exhaust, engine, transmission repair and replacement to name a few. The difference is, is that they are experts with BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Mini Cooper which is extremely rare to find. They have brand specific diagnostic computers and state of the art equipment that allows them to provide detailed reports as to what is specifically happening to your vehicle, what repairs it needs, and what may need watched for in the future. Everything here at Koala Motorsports from our customer service, to our brand specific knowledge along with our advanced technology allows us to provide accurate results the first time around while skipping over the unnecessary frustration that other repair facilities, automotive shops and dealerships could put you through. We are here to take care of things the correct way the first time, quickly and promptly at a reasonable price!

Schedule your appointment today by calling (440)-682-1065 or click here to schedule online!

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