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Updated: May 15, 2022

How to know, where to go? Local Repair Shop vs. Dealership By: Ignite Marketing Group, LLC | September 24th, 2019

When it comes to fixing your vehicles, you basically have two options to choose from – a local repair shop or a dealership. There are a few major differences between the two. According to Nicole Arata from Nerd Wallet, local repair shops are “more personalized, often cheaper” while they also tend to have smaller facilities with more one on one attention with customers. On the other hand, dealerships generally charge more for labor costs, the mechanics have no interaction with the customers, and often times have to wait longer when getting your vehicle serviced.

Local Repair Shops – Where customer service is unmatched Local repair shops like Koala Motorsport in Novelty, OH tend to have significantly better customer service than dealerships. Dealerships service hundreds of vehicles a month and often times forget that quality is almost always better than quantity. Local repair shops main focus is their customer service, as it is their most profitable way to keep clientele. Having clients who can trust you is a big advantage. Not only will you gain them as a customer, but also, they will rave about you to all of their family and friends.

It’s maintenance time! Where do you go? When it comes to regular maintenance routines such as oil changes or tire rotations, Koala Motorsport near Novelty, OH generally will be much quicker servicing your vehicle. Dealerships see hundreds of vehicles a day. While their goal may be to get vehicles serviced as quickly as possible that also leaves the door wide open for more mistakes leading to lower quality control. Local repair shops will take the time needed to do the job correctly, which again, leads back to building a solid customer relationship.

In need of a BMW Repair? – Let’s see who can deliver the best quality Now let’s take a moment to dive into the specifics of, let’s say, a BMW. Dealerships are meant to fix specific vehicle brands. While that may sound appealing, it could also mean longer wait times if they are out of the parts you need. Also, just imagine if the closest BMW dealership is 3 hours away from your house, would you really want to drive a minimum of six hours to have your car serviced by a dealership who more than likely is going to charge you, take longer, and could possibly not even have the parts in stock? Local dealerships are well versed in many brands, not just specific ones. They charge less & their customer service exceeds all expectations.

Now the decision is yours Making BMW repairs and deciding where to take them can be a daunting task. Sometimes it can come up during a financially hard time or even at an unexpected time. When making your decision, be sure to keep in mind who will treat you right and make everything as stress free as possible. Before your next service visit reach out to Koala Motorsport and ask for Brett Anderson Owner/Operator (440) 682-1065 MON - FRI: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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