Maintaining Your Vehicle in the New Decade

When you purchase your vehicle, your main goal is to have it last as long as you need it
to. While that could be anywhere from 50,000 miles to 200,000 miles and beyond, there is one
sure way to make sure that happens – consistent maintenance. Let’s be realistic, most vehicle
owners do not sit down and read the manual from front to back, however your service
technicians generally do and contain the knowledge within it. Our technicians here at Koala
Motorsport have the knowledge to make sure your vehicle stays in top notch condition while
only recommending the necessary maintenance services to avoid spending thousands of dollars
in unnecessary. Check out some of the recommended tips for this decade in order to extend your
vehicles longevity.

Check Oil
While this may seem like a no brainer, you would be surprised how many people
do not take their “change oil” light seriously! Whether your vehicle should have its oil
changed every 5,000 or 7,000 miles, it is something that if it is done consistently will
help increase your vehicles life. If not done, you could blow out your engine which will
require it to be rebuilt or possibly even replaced.

Tire Rotation
We all dread having to replace our tires – they are simply too expensive.
However, if you keep up on tire rotations and alignment checks that can help to ensure
that you get the most use out of them. If you want to get the most miles possible out of
your tires, be sure to regularly check your air pressure and make sure they contain the
proper amount of air. Your service provider can check them during any of your
appointments, or you even can yourself with a tire pressure gauge!

Watch for Sludge
While we can’t avoid short trips or our not-so-favorite stop and go traffic, the
more we can reduce it the better. Unfortunately, short trips along with longer trips when
you are hauling a camper or trailer for example, it can lead to sludge building up on your
engine. Luckily, if you get regular oil changes, this can help to decrease your chances of
sludge buildup. Another way to help reduce your chances of sludge buildup is to also get
monitor your filter and make sure they get changed consistently.

Radiator Coolant
For people who don’t have a wide variety of knowledge on vehicles, it may never
even cross your mind to check the radiator coolant semi-regularly. Unfortunately, if it is
not checked, rust could build up on your engine and lead to a plugged thermostat and a
damaged water pump. Some vehicles don’t even require coolant changes frequently but
be sure to discuss it with your service technician at your next appointment.
Be sure to take the time to understand your vehicle’s needs. Even if you don’t plan on
keeping your vehicle forever, the next owner will appreciate if it is taken care of. In the end it
will only help to benefit you and allow you to sell it for more or receive more for your trade in.
Additionally, it can help reduce unneeded repairs that could have been avoided with consistent
maintenance. Koala Motorsport in Novelty, Oh along with our technicians will steer you in the
right direction, call us today! 440-682-1065 9988 KINSMAN RD, NOVELTY, OH, 44072

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