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Can I get my Mercedes serviced anywhere?

Can I get my Mercedes serviced anywhere?       As the owner to your Mercedes, you surely can get your vehicle serviced wherever you please, whether that is at a dealership or at your local repair shop. With that being said, Koala Motorsports makes it an easy, simple and unforgettable experience for all of its customers that they get the privilege to work with. While dealerships may have you believing that you must take your Mercedes to a specific dealership, that simply is not the case.        Oftentimes, dealerships will tell you that they are the only ones that have the particular parts or fluids that you need to maintain your new vehicle, or that local repair shops do not have the correct diagnostic computers, or the best on yet – local shops don’t have the proper training. Fortunately for you, all of those are simply myths that are not true and shouldn’t have any weight on your decision when it comes to choosing the ... read more

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