Rear Subframe Bushing, Replace.

Note: Subframe is shown removed from vehicle in some photos.  It is easier to replace the bushings with the sub frame still mounted in the car. Sub frame was removed for photographic clarity only.

An example of a torn out body mount.  A mount damaged like this will cause an extreme knocking when shifting or hitting bumps. 330021.jpg (15499 bytes)
Raise and support rear of vehicle. Do not place jack stands on sub frame, use jacking points on side of body.
Remove the two 6 mm Allen head bolts from reinforcement plate (green arrows) and 22 mm nut from supporting bolt (red arrow).
Remove rear seat base by pulling straight up.
Place rag over head of supporting bolt to prevent it flying.  Use a long punch and hammer, knock supporting bolt up into car. 330043.jpg (223948 bytes)
Pull sub frame down from floor, if necessary, rock sub frame back and forth to break loose any corrosion by inserting a long punch or rod into the bushing.
If necessary, use a chisel or punch to knock bushing away from edge of bore in sub frame. (Bottom of sub frame shown) 330038.jpg (169188 bytes)
Place BMW Special Tool # 33 3 111 on top of rubber mount.

Thread BMW Special Tool # 33 3 107 into 33 3 111 through bushing.

330037.jpg (169833 bytes)
Thread shaft from BMW Special Tool # 00 8 550 onto threaded end of # 33 3 107. Place legs of 00 8 550 in gaps of bushing flange.  330039.jpg (240020 bytes)
Tighten 32 mm nut on shaft to extract bushing.


Clean bore of sub frame and bore in vehicle floor, where the aluminum center of the bushing locates.
Align grooves in new bushing with dimples in sub frame bore. 330040.jpg (179327 bytes)
Lubricate bushing with plain or soapy water.  Do not use silicone fluid or any other form of lubricant that does not evaporate.
Place BMW Special Tool # 33 3 113 on top of sub frame and screw in # 33 3 103 through bushing. Place Tool # 33 3 112 on base of bushing and screw on nut # 33 3 103. 330041.jpg (248422 bytes)
Tighten 24 mm nut until bushing is fully seated in sub frame.  Allow tool to sit, tightened, on bushing for at least 10 minutes to ensure bushing remains seated. 330042.jpg (226388 bytes)
Coat aluminum core of bushing with anti-seize lubricant to prevent it seizing to the floor of the car.
Place large flat washer on new bushing, jack sub frame into position and re-install bolt through floor.
Install support plate, screw in Allen head bolts until almost tight, then install and tighten 22 mm nut.  After nut is tight, finish tightening Allen head bolts.

Part Numbers:

Sub frame bushing, all except 325iX: 33 31 1 129 144
Sub frame bushing, 325iX: 33 31 1 128 990
Flat washer for top of bushing, M3 only: 33 33 2 225 797
Flat washer for top of bushing, 325iX only: 33 33 1 130 485
Flat washer for top of bushing, all others: 33 33 1 127 496
Allen head bolt for support plates: 33 31 1 129 676